Can I purchase just one of the 1 hour courses for my own use?

Yes. Go to the topic you wish to learn about and purchase the Individual Session.

Can my co-worker also receive professional development credit for watching the video on my account?

No, proof of completion will only be issued to registered users whose file shows completion of the course.

How long will I have to watch a course that I have purchased?

Courses are available for 90 days from the date of purchase.

What do you provide as proof of professional development hours?

When you complete a 1 hour class, you will receive an email with a link. Go to the link and complete the quick form to request either a personalized certificate of completion or credit on PINJ (New Jersey only).

What do I need to do to complete each course?

Watch the educational video. Then take the quiz and download the PDF. Once you have done all 3 steps, you will receive the completion email.

I would like to enroll my staff members in one of your 1 hour courses. How do I do that?

Look for courses marked "School Bundle."

What if I need to enroll more than 10 staff members?

No problem! Click on the course you desire and scroll down for different price points.

How can my individual staff members receive proof of professional development hours for "School Bundles"?

After you purchase a school bundle, you will be asked to provide staff members' names and email addresses. They will each have access to the bundle you purchase and they can complete it at their own pace.

I have questions. How can I contact you?

The best way to reach me is via email at

Do you conduct in-person learning sessions for professionals and/or parents?

Yes! Go to to learn all about it.