In a World of Magical Thinking - STAFF PRICING

In a World of Magical Thinking - STAFF PRICING

SCHOOL BUNDLE FOR UP TO 10 STAFF MEMBERS (and add more staff!) | taught by Cindy Terebush, CPC, CYPFC
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Early learners simply don't view the world in the same way as adults. Adults need to understand the world of magical thinking in which children exist. When we understand how they see their world, we are able to better reach toward them, guide and teach them.

Each enrollee will be required to:

  1. Watch the professional development video.
  2. Take the quiz to reinforce what you've learned.
  3. Download the PDF of the Powerpoint to refer to in the future.
  4. When you've completed all of the steps, a link will be sent to you for the professional development certificate.
Cindy Terebush, CPC, CYPFC
Cindy Terebush, CPC, CYPFC
Author of "Teach the Whole Preschooler: Strategies for Nurturing Developing Minds"

Cindy Terebush has spent almost 20 years working in the field of education. She has experience teaching and directing in daycare, preschool and school age programs. She earned her Certified Professional Coach & Certified Youth, Parent, Family Coach credentials from the World Coach Institute. She earned her Bachelor of Arts degree and teaching certification from Kean University (formerly Kean College). Cindy also completed the State of New Jersey Director’s Academy for Early Care and Education. Cindy has earned a Certificate of Completion of the ECERS-3 and ITERS-R Online Training Courses. She has also recently earned a certificate of training completion in Healthy Lifestyles for Preschool Families from Rutgers University, The University of Arizona and Prevent Child Abuse New Jersey. She is an approved Professional Impact NJ (PINJ) Instructor for Adults and Technical Assistance Specialist for Early Childhood Centers.

Cindy is the author of the popular blog “Helping Kids and Families Achieve with Cynthia Terebush” and is a Noodle Education Expert contributing articles to, an education website for students and parents. Cindy was an online reporter for "The Shriver Report: A Woman's Nation Pushes Back From the Brink." She has been a guest writer and interviewed expert for the Asbury Park Press. Cindy has provided keynote presentations as well as smaller group workshops and individual coaching for parents & educators. She has spoken at the international Young Child Expo in New York City and at regional conferences such as the New Jersey Association for the Education of Young Children conference. She has presented during various in-service, parent workshop & adult education programs.

Cindy's Instructor of Adults specializations are in the areas of cognitive development, positive guidance & discipline, curriculum development, developmentally appropriate practice and best practice.

Questions? Contact Cindy Terebush via email at

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In a World of Magical Thinking
In a World of Magical Thinking - Learning Session Video
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